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Julie Butterworth

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Thumb Wars

March 30, 2022

Diagnosed with bilateral AVMs at eleven years old, Jonathan Butterworth was told that he was about to die and there was nothing that the doctors could do to save him. Without even the slightest glimmer of hope, Jonathan was sent home to live out what life he had left before he would suffer a large brain hemorrhage and die. The only thing that his family could do was pray for a miracle, a miracle that seemed so far out of reach. With symptoms worsening every day, the reality of Jonathan’s impending death crouched ever closer, leaving his mother to ask one question - Where is God when I need him the most? Thumb Wars is the true story told by Jonathan’s parents, a story of unexpected twists and turns that will invite you in to find God even in the most unlikely circumstances.

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July 27, 2021

     A doctor desperately searching for forgiveness after a procedure gone bad.

     A fabled special op team with secrets revealed.

     A beloved president assassinated by a trusted friend.

     A vice president thrust into the position of president in the midst of global devastation.

     They all have one thing in common - a miracle-working preacher: Luke Reynolds. Yet, is Luke everything he seems to be?

     After waking up from a coma, Pastor Luke Reynolds didn’t think that things could get any worse until he finds himself suspect number one in the murder of President Lawson. Hard evidence indicates that Luke placed and detonated the bombs at the White House. After escaping federal custody, Luke is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt and is pursued by an elite special op team. Wanted for crimes of treason, Luke is considered extremely dangerous due to his military background. He now finds himself on the run with Dr. Pamela Stewart and his friend Chase McAlister at his side. Can he stay alive and ahead of the authorities long enough to help Pamela find the peace and forgiveness that she is looking for before Luke’s own secret past catches up to him and destroys him completely?

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